This week’s grooming essential

hair1Okay, so it’s too late for me (what hair I have left isn’t worth clinging on to frankly) but for anyone who’s just noticed the first signs of a thinning thatch I’d strongly recommend Head & Shoulders’ brand new Hair Endurance shampoo.

Interestingly, recent research has discovered a link between dandruff and what H&S euphemistically describes as ‘hair fall’. The theory party rests on the idea that dandruff can make you scratch your scalp which in turn damages the protective layers of the hair shaft and cause breakage. Ergo, more breakage = less hair and a much speedier progression to mini-medom.

This shampoo itself protects you hair and scalp and so offers a kind of double protection. And whilst I suspect ‘hair fall’ is a very carefully chosen (and legally approved) expression to avoid any unsubstantiated claims that the shampoo actually prevents what the rest of us call ‘hairloss’, anything that helps a man hang onto his hair has got to be worth trying. It smells nice and keeps you free of the flakes anyway so what have you got to lose?

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