Clinique make skincare even simpler


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clinique1Clinique have always prided themselves on the simplicity of their men’s skincare range – whether that be the minimalist packaging or the easy-to-follow way the products dovetail together to form a basic routine. So it’s a bit of a surprise that they’ve felt the need to simplify things for their customer even further. But simplify they have, by ditching the tongue-twisting Skin Supplies For Men tag, renaming classic products like their M Lotion (it’s now simply ‘Moisturizing Lotion’) while updating some of the formulations and altering the packaging of products like the Aloe Shave Gel (revamped and renamed from M Shave Aloe Gel).

There are a few niggles (the Anti-Age Moisturiser could have included a sunscreen and I would have liked to have seen a Night Cream in the line up) but it still remains one of the best premium ranges to stock up on. In truth, this revamp is more of a tinkering around the edges rather than a radical overhaul of the range or an exercise in innovation (though we’re advised to watch this space on that front) but as with a gentleman’s wardrobe, a little refresh now and them never hurt anyone.  And if you’re into your skincare I can think of few better starting points than Clinique.

The new range, featuring 22 products, is available now. For more info go to

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medalThe other day it came to attention, via Twitter, that this little blog had been nominated for a Groom Crew Grooming Blog Award in the “Best Product Review Category”. I know not how this came about (maybe someone has seem some of my more scathing reviews and found my candour refreshing) but I guess it’s very flattering to be included. Hilariously, however, the blurb for my nomination says I bring a wealth of industry grooming knowledge to my “fan”*. So, if nothing else, by voting for me you’ll prove to them that I do actually have more than one solitary reader. To do so simply click here. Don’t worry if you can’t be bothered though: the worst that can happen to you if you don’t is that I will come around and forcibly moisturise you.


* Damn them, they spotted the mistake, corrected it and thus ruined my story!

Beautiful things do come in small packages – just ask Unilever


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image001Let’s face it, everything is getting smaller these days. This isn’t always good news (as is the case with Pringles) but it’s certainly a good thing when it comes to grooming products. So it’s nice to hear that Unilever have decided to compress their men’s deodorant and anti-perspirant brands this year as they did with their women’s ones in 2013. Each of the products pictured above has been compressed into a smaller can making them infinitely more eco-friendly and portable (at just 11cm high they’re now perfect for gym bags or office drawers).

That doesn’t mean you get less product; they’ve just squeezed a larger amount into a smaller can as part of their commitment to more sustainable formats and less propellant. Unilever aims to convert 40% of its entire aerosol portfolio to this format in 2014  -  a move that anyone who values the environment as much as fresh-smelling armpits will wholeheartedly appreciate. I know I do anyway.

Bentley to launch Bentley For Men Azure


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Bentley Azure 1The first two fragrances from luxury British car manufacturer Bentley, released in 2013, were some of my favourite fragrances of last year (for proof of that see this) but whilst those fragrances were warm and heady, this new release, called Azure, is fresh and sparkling. Combining Mediterranean herbs with violet leaves (the new must-have note in men’s fragrances) and a touch of tea it’s deliciously light and crisp making it the perfect fragrance for summer holidays or for work, when you don’t want to smell like a try-hard lothario. The bottle alone, with its beautiful curves and diamond cut lid is a thing of absolute beauty.

Available from Harrods in March and nationwide from April.

Acqua di Parma introduce more Colonia Essenza loveliness


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New Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza & AncilliariesIf you’re a fan of Acqua di Parma Colonia Essenza (and I can’t imagine why you wouldn’t be) you’ll be pleased to know that two brand new ancillaries have been added to the existing range, in the shape of an After-Shave Balm and an After-Shave Lotion. Both, of course, are fragranced with the woody and ambery notes that make Essenza a deliciously warm, creamy, night-time version of the original Acqua di Parma Colonia fragrance. Not so much essenza as essential I’d say.

For more info go to

A gift worth having thanks to Zegna


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Zegna Tablet Case GWP High Res 2GWPs (Gifts With Purchase) are a distinctly hit and miss affair when it comes to fragrances but here’s one that’s genuinely useful. This handy tablet case comes with the purchase of any Ermenegildo Zegna fragrance above 50ml so if you’re thinking of buying a bottle of the latest fragrance, Uomo, now’s a good time! Just sayin’, as the young ‘uns like to say.

Available in stores nationwide while stocks last.

Molton Brown launch new men’s collection


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Probably emboldened by the success of their Sport range last year (despite the mysterious and rather hasty withdrawal of the Body-Warming Sportbalm) Molton Brown have just launched a raft of male grooming products anchored in the shaving routine. Their new Men’s Grooming Collection features seven products and includes everything from a Balancing Face Wash and a Deep-Clean Face Scrub to a Post-Shave Recovery Balm. The packaging is classy, the products nicely but not overly-scented and there’s pretty much everything you need to create a basic grooming routine. Recommended.

For more info to

Hugo Boss hit the right note with new Hugo Man Limited Edition


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HUGO MANFan of Hugo Boss’ Hugo Man? And of music? Then you’re likely to like the brand new Limited Edition version of this classic fragrance. Playing on a music theme, the Hugo Man Music Limited Edition bottle features a graphic equaliser detail and each box comes with a special download code for two unique musical reworkings of classic songs like Edwin Collins’ A Girl Like You, Kim Carnes’ Bette Davis Eyes and Toto’s Africa (!) by up-and-coming artists like Nina Kraviz and Kate Boy.

The fragrance itself  -  a crisp, juicy and woody blend of green apples, pine needles, sandalwood and cedarwood  - remains the same, which is just as well given the enduring popularity it’s enjoyed since its launch almost 20 years ago.

Available from February.


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