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Extreme skier (still life)Whilst it’s fashionable these days to spash out a fortune of a famous face to promote your fragrance (see my previous post) there’s something, you know, faintly shallow and lazy about it. So it’s refreshing to see legendary British Designer Sir Paul Smith bringing his new fragrance Extreme Sport to life in a slightly more novel way.

Enlisting the help of photographer and film-maker Sébastien Montaz-Rosset, mountain biker Clément Iribanes and alpinist Fabien Meyer he’s managed to contextualise the fragrance in both a sports setting and capture its fresh and energetic nature at the same time. You can check out the pictures here but my favourite one is above. The colours are amazing, no?

Of course, if they were savvy they’d now run a competition asking fragrance fans to take a sporting selfie with their bottle of Extreme Sport!

Paul Smith Extreme Sport is available from today. For my review click here.